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Proud to be Public

Out and about in workplaces, Members are telling us the same story – too few resources, work overload, frustration at a lack of career progression and concerns about the future of the public sector.  


What you’re telling us matters to you:

  “To have a possibility to progress further in our careers.”

“Having a family friendly workplace and a workplace that puts people first.” 

“That staff providing high level advice to government are required to maintain professional learning, which is accommodated within the workplace and in awards.”

“That the government is realistic about the outcomes that public services can deliver based on decreasing resources.”

“Job security and permanency, fairness, and doing the right thing by casual / relief staff.”


What’s next

After Easter, all public sector Members will receive a survey which will provide the basis for our log of claims, which your Delegates will finalise in April.

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