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Public Sector Union bargaining update

WE’VE been out and about in public sector workplaces talking to staff about the issues you would like action taken on in this year’s bargaining. We ‘ll follow this up with a survey to all members in early April which will determine our log of claims.

Your Delegates will then meet in April to finalise the log of claims, which will then go out to all Members to endorse.

What are you telling us?  No matter where we go we are hearing the same story – too few resources, work overload, frustration at a lack of career progression and concerns about the future of the public sector.

This year’s bargaining is a chance to take these issues directly to the Hodgman Government.   This is our first Agreement with the Hodgman Government since it took office and we need them to hear a powerful voice from our membership.

Being a Member means you play a key role to what our public sector and your workplace will be like in the future.  We bargain for the wages and conditions for more than twenty thousand public sector employees. To build a better public sector, improve services and deliver wages and conditions that make your lives better we need to be a strong active union.

If any of your colleagues aren’t Members ask them to join you in the CPSU today (click here) to deliver better jobs and services.

bargaining is not a spectator sport.

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