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CPSU Member needs help to save his daughter

Katrell Sadler is a 35-year-old mum with a loving husband. Her son Jackson is 14, a gifted athlete, and plays in his division for the Hobart Chargers. 

Growing up on the East Coast of Tassie with her family, she met her husband in Indiana the US, where she now lives. A Hawks supporter, Katrell loves fishing, camping, dancing but can’t do these anymore because of the pain she’s in every day. Horse riding is another passion of Katrell’s but it’s something that she hasn’t been able to do for a long time because she is extremely sick. Her dad

Frank Bishop is a long term CPSU Member, loves his daughter like any father does, and is fighting for her life. “She’s just a good person; she’ll do what she can for anyone. She likes footy and having family around her and all the usual girly stuff. She loves horse riding but that’s something that she hasn’t been able to do it for a long time. Katrell is just a sweet person who doesn’t deserve to have to suffer like this.”

Frank is a down to earth guy.  He helps others.  As a Parks & Wildlife employee he worked on the recent fires in our state.  Frank doesn’t ask for help much but he is now.

You see right now Katrell is having trouble moving, eating and even seeing. The 35-year-old has a rare disease Chiari Malformation coupled with spinal diseases.

About Katrell’s condition Chiari Malformation causes the brain to sink into the spinal column. After visiting the family for Christmas and returning to the US, Katrell’s condition started to get much worse, diagnosed with spinal disease Syringomyelia. “One day she woke up and couldn’t see and had trouble moving, she had to crawl to the phone to call her husband for help.” “She got quite ill really quickly; they found that her brain had sunk down her spinal cord by 26ml – 12ml is considered a lot.”  This pressure is causing all kinds of discomfort and pain – affecting her vision, her ability to eat and Katrell is slowly losing the ability to use her hands. Her quality of life will continue to worsen until she can undergo surgery in New York from Chiari expert Neurosurgeon Dr Paolo Bolognese. 

Hope but at a cost “It’s progressively getting worse and something has to be done,” Frank said. If nothing happens Katrell will eventually die. The surgery Katrell needs to get well is $US400, 000 – Frank received confirmation that the insurance company is covering $300,000 of the bill, which is good news. However it still leaves a massive $US100,000 for Katrell’s family to find for the surgery, as well as money to cover the travel and time away from home for her to recover.  Like any loving dad would, Frank’s working hard to raise funds and awareness for his daughter. He’s set up raffles and a fundraising day and he’s been hitting the phones and emails of media outlets to do what he can to help his little girl.

How you can help So far Frank and his family have raised $6000, they need to do much more to help Katrell. Frank’s set up a Bendigo Bank fundraising account, where you can make a donation.  

Bendigo Bank Fundraising Account details: 

Account Name: Frank Bishop

BSB: 633-000

Account number:157077702 

PayPal: You’ll need a PayPal Account. Login, then select ‘send money to friends and family’ then enter the following email address:

Go Fund Me donation page: (is set up in US dollars): click here.

There’s also a fundraising day, with live music and a Barbecue at the Tandara Inn at Triabunna on Saturday April 16 between 12-5pm. It’s $10 entry, with children under 12 free. There’ll be raffles with prizes including one night at Avalon Coastal Retreat near Swansea, worth $1000. 

We’ll be seeking to raise awareness about Katrell and Frank and help the fundraising effort, we encourage Members to do the same – this is what a union is all about – helping each other when we need it.

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