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CPSU P2BP Delegate Update

Proud To Be Public: Delegates forums to begin the development of our log of claims


What a fortnight – three Proud to be Public forums with over 40 Delegates.

OVER three sessions you worked hard on behalf of your CPSU Members and in fact all of your Public Sector colleagues to begin the development of our log of claims for this year’s bargaining.

Phases of Bargaining

Special thanks to those who attended our North-West session; your feedback resulted in the development of two new resources for Delegates.

Please click here to find a copy of the Phases of Bargaining hand out and here for an FAQ document. Hopefully now you all feel a little more familiar with the phases of bargaining and the role of Delegates and Members at each step of bargaining.

The problem as you see it Again and again through conversations with Members and Public Sector employees we’re hearing the three big areas of concern for you are issues linked to:

1.Funding and resourcing,

2.Independent Public Sector Voice

3.A lack of Career Pathways

At the forums you did some fantastic work to break these problems down into root causes and the consequences for us, our workplaces and our communities.  This work is vital to ensure that we are focusing on the real issues and not band aid solutions.

The solutions as suggested by you Once the problems were broken down we were able to come up with a range of solutions to address them in both the long term and short term. These are not issues that we can fix overnight but there are some things we can do in this bargaining round to start to address these problems. You also identified that solutions to these three problems had a lot of cross over; and to make change we must build community support and understanding for what we do.

Click here to see some of the solutions you came up with. This work will now be used to help form our log of claims. If you have any more ideas as to what steps we can take to tackle these issues in this year’s bargaining let us know, just email Jo Clydesdale at

Where to from here? You identified the importance of building our strength in the workplace and the need to use this strength if we are to see the change we need to see in the Public Sector.  The first step to achieve this is to have a really strong response to the current Public Sector Unions Agreement Survey and to turn out Members out at the May membership meetings to endorse the log of claims. As a leader in your workplace, it’s really important for you to have conversations with your fellow Members about the importance of them getting involved in their agreement.

How you can do this? PSUWA Survey

• Work with your colleagues to help them complete the survey;

• Check with each Member to see that they’ve  completed the survey;

• You can also use the paper survey (in your packs) to have a conversation with people who aren’t yet members to encourage them to fill it out and join the union. If they join this week they can have their say in the member survey.

May Membership Meetings

• Ask your fellow members to commit to attending a membership meeting near you and

• Round everyone up on the day so that you can all head out to the meeting together.
Need support?

Are you hearing the same objections to joining or attending a members meeting? Not sure how to answer?

Give Angela a call if you are coming across consistent road blocks or objections. Angela can work through these with you and where relevant, you can share some solutions with other Delegates. Together we can make a difference and show the Government and the community that we are Proud to be Public!

Angela will give you all a call over the next couple of weeks to see how you are going, but please don’t hesitate to contact her if you have any questions, issues, suggestions or in fact good news stories at

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