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Friday Wrap: Our Week in review

RSVP to a Member Meeting today

bannerPUBLIC SECTOR Member meetings start next week for your Agreement that sets salaries, standards and conditions in the Tasmanian public sector.  

Make sure you come to a meeting and vote on the Log of Claims – the list of the issues we want to negotiate and discuss. It’s our chance to meet with the Hodgman Government about the issues that are important to you to put forward our vision for the public sector.

Find some Member Meeting flyers below – please circulate these in your workplace:

PSUWA16 Member Meetings – SOUTH [may 6] – CPSU LOGO

PSUWA16 Member Meetings – NORTH + NW [april 26] – CPSU LOGO

RSVP to your chosen meeting: email

Read Member Meeting FAQs here

North-West blitz

nw tripOUR Organising Team were up in the North-West this week spreading the news about Members having their say in bargaining through the upcoming meetings.

Survey closed! Number crunching and Log of Claims well on the way

Find some headline figures below.

  • More than 65% of you said that you believed your Agency or Service was underfunded.
  • More than 65% of you said you believed that job cuts have resulted in a reduction in services to the community from your Agency or Service.
  • Almost 70% of you said that work overload was affecting service delivery in your workplace.
  • More than 65% of you said that you felt that your workload was continuing to increase; with more than 60% of you naming insufficient staff as a reason why you believed that high workloads experienced in your workplaces. 
  • Almost 40% of you said that you felt that the public sector didn’t offer good opportunities for career progression. 
  • More than 70% of you said that the government shouldn’t be deciding wage outcomes before negotiations even begin. 
  • Almost 30% of you said in the next few years you expected functions in your Agency would be privatised, outsourced or resourced with labour hire staff.
  • More than 40% of you said that changes to the Federal paid parental leave scheme that reduce paid leave for mothers were unacceptable.

CPSU & HACSU Allied Health Professionals vote to escalate industrial action

AHP bannerFAILURE by Tasmanian Health Service CEO Dr David Alcorn to provide Allied Health Professionals with a dedicated voice at the highest level of the THS means union members voted to take action to resolve the matter.

Low level work bans are having an impact but Allied Health Professionals met this week and voted to escalate industrial action to ensure AHPs are appropriately represented at the executive level of the Tasmanian Health Service.

Additional bans start on Monday May 9 and include:

  • Ceasing accreditation activities;
  • Ceasing collection costs for consumables;
  • Ceasing accreditation activities;
  • Changing their email signature to the AHP dispute signature;
  • Wearing a blue AHP sticker;
  • and more.

Click here for the flyer to give to clients, patients and organisations

Dr Alcorn and Minister Ferguson must stop ignoring Allied Health Professionals and act immediately.

Save our Weekend: Mother’s Day

Save our weekend squareSign the Save our Weekend Mother’s Day card here. Then share it on your Facebook and other social media platforms.

Federal Budget 2016

money1EVEN before the Turnbull-Morrison budget was droppedon Tuesday night on Monday the Mercury reported that four out of every five Tasmanian taxpayers wouldn’t see any benefit from the Turnbull Government’s promised tax cuts to those earning more than $80,000.

Up in the air

Paid Parental Leave: Currently families expecting a baby in the second half of this year or those planning a family are in limbo about how much time they’ll have with their new baby. They need answers.

Weekend rates: there’s been no mention from Turnbull if he will scrap Weekend rates.

What we know Education: Turnbull’s budget failed to fund years five and six of Gonski. Gonksi helps to break the link between disadvantage and poor outcomes. Meanwhile, the education union has slammed the Prime Minister’s education changes, calling them a “piecemeal, pre-election, political patch-up job designed to get Malcolm Turnbull a headline”. 

Services and the Commonwealth Public Sector: CPSU members are campaigning to safeguard their job security, pay and workplace rights from the Turnbull government’s harsh bargaining agenda. Meanwhile the Budget confirms that the Turnbull Government will cut deeper into public services, with an additional $1.9 billion arbitrary cut to departments’ funding through an increase to the so-called “efficiency dividend”. 

Health: We’re still facing embedded cuts to our health system. There’s only $2.9 billion of $57 billion in cuts to planned investment.  We’re still facing the scrapping of bulk billing incentives for expensive pathology tests.

Medicare: We face higher out-of-pocket expenses to get well and stay healthy after the freeze on Medicare rebates was extended.

Job seekers to work for $4 an hour: ACTU President Ged Kearney described this as a “US style internship program which amounts to a taxpayer funded youth exploitation scheme”.


What you can do: sign the Australian Unions election pledge here.

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