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Friday Wrap: our week in review

Fire management jeopardised by reduction in full-time firefighters in national parks

parksABC News: Four years ago, there were 19 full-time firefighters working for the Parks and Wildlife service.

Now there are 10, and only one covering the entire North West region.

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Ramping up for the Hodgman-Gutwein budget next week

budgetThe budget is a set of decisions about priorities made by Premier Will Hodgman and Treasurer Peter Gutwein. When it’s announced next Thursday, it will show what they believe is important.

What we’d like to see:

For public services to stay in public hands so they benefit us all. We shouldn’t’ be handing over control to a third party, which has its own agenda and priorities.

More resources so our public staff can adequately deliver Tasmanians services that our communities rely on.

For our public sector staff able to use their skills and expertise to the best of their ability.

Will Hodgman negotiate in good faith with his workforce on a fair wage deal.

PSUWA 2016: Log of Claims

PSUWA16 BABF-PTBP CPSU banner 300dpi CMYK colour printingAT 24 Member meetings across three regions we received 100% endorsement of the Log of Claims for your Agreement, with votes rolling in this week after meetings finished on Tuesday.


PSUWA survey

Blue online survey key on keyboard


What did Members have to say about what they’d like to see in bargaining? Find out, click on the document below to download a survey statistics PDF. Print this out, or send and share it with your colleagues.Bargaining Survey Results

Enrol to vote

FullSizeRenderMake sure you have your say this Federal election. The Australian Electoral Commission closes the electoral role on Monday May 23 – so hurry if you need to enrol or even update your details. Click here to enrol or update your details.

Have your say on issues on the ABC’s Vote Compass, which you can find here.

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