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Coalition’s IR policy unknown despite eight week election campaign

WHAT is the industrial relations policy of Malcolm Turnbull’s party?

We don’t know. He hasn’t told us.

Your rights at work impact on your life at home as well as on the job. Despite a very long election campaign there hasn’t been a skerrick about the Turnbull government’s industrial relations plans if he’s  re-elected.

We know he plans axing weekend rates, leaving many families unable to pay their bills after this compensation for working unsociable hours is cut.

We know he plans to change Paid Parental Leave for working mums which means many mothers will have less time to care for newborn babies at this crucial stage of development.

We know he is keen to bring back the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), which was a key part of WorkChoices that specifically targets unions and union members but the rest of the Coalition policy remains under wraps.

This should be very worrying to all Australians who work.

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