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Friday Wrap: Our week in review

To all who worked on the floods …

thanks BannerIT’S BEEN a devastating few days for so many across our state and the dangers from rising waters continues.

Public Sector staff in Police, Fire and Emergency Management, the State Emergency Service, Public Health and many other corners have been working hard to keep us all informed and safe during this time. A thank you to all staff whose work helped out our state and Tasmanians during this time.

Estimates: Hodgman government’s numbers on job cuts don’t add up

bannerIN SEPTEMBER 2014 after Hodgman government failed to have its wage freeze legislation passed in the Legislative Council it announced it would need to increase the number of jobs it would cut from the Tasmanian public sector by 700 FTE to a total of 1,200 FTE. In February 2015 the Hodgman government released public sector employment figures indicating that between June 2014 and January 2015 there was a reduction in public sector employment of 668 FTE – achieved through 162.5 FTE redundancies and 498 WRIPs.

Then this week, 6 June 2016, the Hodgman government released public sector employment figures indicating that between June 2014 and March 2016 there was a reduction in public sector employment of 531 FTE – achieved through 400 redundancies and 882 WRIPs. If the Hodgman Government is to be believed in the 15 months from January 2015 to March 2016 it actually grew the public sector workforce by 137 FTE.  

Is that your experience?  Have you seen jobs in your workplace increase in the last 15 months or have you seen further job losses?

The CPSU believes the difference between the story the government wants Tasmanians to hear and what is actually happening involves the failure to fill positions made vacant through WRIPs.  There have been 882 people accept WRIPs.  According to the WRIP guidelines every one of these position is supposed to be filled – not always at the same level or in the same area but they are all supposed to be filled (which is why they’re not redundancies).  The 531 FTE that the Hodgman government now acknowledges have gone are cuts to staffing establishment.  As positions made vacant through WRIPs are supposed to be filled, they remain on the establishment but if they are not filled the impact they have on services is exactly the same as the jobs being cut.  

The Hodgman government wants Tasmanians to believe it has only cut the public sector by 531 FTE but in reality it has cut it by around 1,200 FTE.

Australian Public Service rally: Hobart

PSU rallyYESTERDAY we supported public sector staff in the Commonwealth public service at a lunchtime Hobart rally.

These staff were standing up for jobs and services like ABC, the CSIRO, Medicare and the Australian Tax Office after years of cuts. CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood and Regional Secretary Jessica Munday spoke about the plan to protect public sector jobs.

In the Tasmanian Public Sector we can relate to what our Commonwealth colleagues are going through and also learn from their campaign. Click here for photos.

Housing privatisation

housingEstimates: Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma repeatedly denied a transfer of 500 public housing titles to Tasmania’s community service providers was risky.

Did you know? After just five years these properties can be sold to private investors who would not be required to provide housing to those in need.

Housing Tasmania staff strive every day to find suitable accommodation for vulnerable and disadvantaged Tasmanians. This is one of the most important responsibilities of a government. In the 1980s the UK government sold off much of its public housing and now is having to buy back property for public housing in a million dollar market.

Tasmania should learn from this experience.

Read the news stories here and here.

Magistrates Court: lives on hold

justiceOur justice system is under strain: people are sitting and waiting for cases to be heard and decided so they can get on with their lives.

It’s not only judges that help this process – it’s the many staff behind the scenes who help our courts function so Tasmanians can rebuild their lives.

Read about the Magistrate Court case backlog here.

CPSU Council meeting

councilTHE CPSU Council met today at the CPSU office.

Who is the CPSU Council?

The council is made up of CPSU Members from different agencies and areas.

What do they do?

Your CPSU council meets regularly to discuss and make decisions on a range of issues from policy, membership, staffing, campaigns and financial matters.

Wobble boarding to Save our Weekend!

banner wobble boardTASMANIAN Union Honk-a-thons continued in Hobart this week. If the blaring horns and parps from passing motorists were anything to go by Hobartians support Weekend Rates and don’t want them to change.

Meanwhile – enjoy your long weekend!

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