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Guess who’s getting a big pay rise this week?

IS IT THE Teacher Assistants who support children in our schools who are lowly classified, generally work part-time and only get paid for 40 weeks each year?

Is it the ambulance paramedics who work long hours saving lives and who haven’t had an increase since December 2013?

Is it the Child Protection Workers who’ve been protecting our vulnerable children while working in a broken system that’s totally under resourced?

Is it the Parks and Wildlife staff who strive to protect our iconic National parks in the face of fires and floods while visitor numbers explode?

Perhaps it’s the Tasmanian Prison Service staff who spend every working day managing inmates so our communities are kept safe?

No doubt after having their wage increases capped at 2% for the past four  years every one of these workers deserve a decent increase but these aren’t the people who the Hodgman government has decided to abandon its strict 2% wage policy for – it’s themselves! On Friday the salaries paid to all politicians in Tasmania will increase by 10.53%.  Premier Will Hodgman’s overall package will rise from a hefty $329,170 to a massive $356,527.

 Now, I know he says he’ll write to the Speaker (who’ll  also be getting a tidy little increase of $17,177) to say he won’t take all his entitlement for the time being but the truth is Will Hodman has presided over a process that has increased parliamentary salaries by 10.53% while at the same time demanding public sector staff will only get ‘up to’ 2% and that’s just plainly unfair. Stay tuned for more details on what our politicians have awarded themselves on Friday.

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