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Medicare cuts, rebates freeze and higher costs for Pathology, tests still on the table

SO MALCOLM Turnbull Is saying he’s backed down from  privatising Medicare … but he’s still got a $5m Medicare Privatisation Task Force.

What else? He’s:

Enforcing the freeze on Medicare rebates, which makes health care less affordable. GPs in our state are already stopping bulk billing because of this freeze.

Slashing our public health system, Tassie hospitals are still set to lose $20 million next year and $1.1 billion over eight years – this is a health system where a woman was forced to give birth in an emergency ward because there weren’t enough beds. 

Cutting $650 million from Medicare in its half-year Budget review, including  cuts to Medicare for pathology tests and scans including MRI, X-Rays, CAT scans and mammograms. This means patients will have to pay more.

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