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Meet Jane Austin: CPSU Member and Federal Labor Candidate for Denison

My background:

I have been working as a senior policy analyst with the Tasmanian State Service for nearly ten years in the areas of mental health and suicide prevention policy, but recently resigned to contest the federal election. I have worked as a teacher and have also been a small business owner, when I established Tasmania’s first specialised resume writing business assisting jobseekers in their search for employment.

I have a strong interest in developing Australia’s preventative health agenda and work hard to increase awareness of the links between health, education and future prosperity.

I  have tertiary qualifications from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma of Education and a Graduate Diploma of Journalism and Media Studies, and in 2016 completed a Master Degree in Politics and Policy while continuing in fulltime work. During the campaign I will be working hard to ensure that Denison receives full Gonski funding and that we do everything we can to protect Medicare. I will also fight for full penalty rates for all workers and strongly oppose any increase in the rate of GST. My personal interests include hockey, sports and creative photography and cooking for friends. Jane is married to Steve. She has two children, Eleanor and Benjamin.


My commitment to public services:

I have worked in the Australian Public Service and have worked in the Tasmanian State Service first as a teacher (and a member of the AEU) and most recently in the Department of Health and Human Services. I am a member of the CPSU and HACSU. I strongly support the delivery of effective and affordable public services and believe that both frontline and administrative services are valued for the important work they do. I don’t support the continual erosion of the public service as a way to reduce budget deficits.

My message to Members:

The Turnbull Liberal Government has made it very clear that it see public servants as superfluous. The recent federal budget flagged $1.2 billion in cuts to public servants on top of cuts and efficiency dividends that have already occurred. And closer to home, we feel the impact of cuts every day. I urge members to reject the neo-liberal agenda to reduce the size of the public service and encourage members to have their say about the new wages agreement. If elected, I will always be an advocate for public services and public services.


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