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Meet Justine Keay: CPSU Member and Federal Labor Candidate for Braddon

My background:

Justine Keay is a mother of three very energetic young boys as well as an Alderman for the Devonport City Council, serving the Devonport community since 2009, and an Electorate Officer, assisting the people of Braddon for 13 years. Justine has just completed a post-graduate diploma in Psychology from Monash University.

Justine was born and raised in Devonport, studied at the University of Tasmania, gaining a Bachelor of Arts in History and Geography then entered the television industry with Southern Cross Television and WIN TV in Perth WA.

Gaining further qualifications from Murdoch University in Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management, Justine returned to Tasmania and entered politics as an assistant to then Minister for Environment, the Hon Bryan Green MP.

As an Electorate Officer and an elected representative in local government has given Justine enormous experience, knowledge and skills to assist the people of Braddon and a deep understanding of the people, the issues, challenges and opportunities of the North-West and West Coasts of Tasmania.

My commitment to public services:

I remain committed to the public sector and its workers to provide important and vital services to the community. My partner is a public sector worker and our family is supported by this sector.  We see all too often, public sector workers treated with contempt and a lack of respect from conservative governments.  The work they do is valued and they should be supported and respected.

My message to Members:

As a member of the CPSU I understand the fantastic job our union does to protect and enhance the work roles of the public sector. CPSU members are continually being asked more with less and it is a credit to them that a quality service and services continue to be delivered across Tasmania. Although, I recognise the system is rapidly reaching a point where that service delivery will be severely compromised. Federal budget cuts are taking their toll and any further Liberal cuts in my view are unsustainable.  If I am elected as the Federal Member for Braddon I will strongly advocate for an improved level of Commonwealth funding for Tasmania’s public services.


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