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Will’s Big Pay Day

THE everyday cost of living in Tasmania is rising but Premier Will Hodgman thinks you only deserve an increase of “up to”2%.

Many of our costs are above this 2% making us worse off – see these below.

Download a poster here to say it’s not fair: Will’s Big Payday 2016


Council rates hike

Many Tasmanian Councils recently voted to increase their rates for residents by 2% or more. See these listed below.


Hobart City Council 2.25%
Glenorchy City Council 4.30%
Huon Valley Council 3.95%
Kingborough Council 4%
Sorell Council 2.5%
Tasman Council 2.5%
Southern Midlands Council 2%
Northern Midlands Council 2.4%
Central Highlands Council 2.8%
Glamorgan-Spring Bay Council 3.7%
Break O’Day Council 4%
West Tamar Council 2.25%
Latrobe Council 2.97%
George Town Council (about 3 to 3.5%)
Latrobe Council 2.97%
Central Coast Council 2%
King Island Council 2.5%

Power prices surge

From today Tasmanian we’ll also face a 3.43 per cent power bill hike, and energy analysts predict there are more rises to come, with Tasmanians on the lowest incomes the hardest hit.


More expensive to travel & own a home

The price of Metro tickets rose at the start of the year for adults, students and concession card holders.

Meanwhile, the insurance premiums for the car we drive and home we live in are also up 3%.

Health insurance sting

Those of us with health insurance have also seen an increase of about 5.59%, so this is an added cost as well.

It’s not just insurance that’s on the rise, water charges go up 2.5% annually and sewerage 6%.


Even the lowest paid are getting a more sizeable increase than us.

In June the Fair Work Commission decided that employees on the minimum wage were worth a 2.4% pay rise. But Premier Hodgman believes that you are not worth this.


Hodgman’s hypocrisy

With all of these added costs, Will Hodgman’s pronouncement that you should only receive an increase of “up to” 2% would mean a real wage cut for public sector staff.

Meanwhile he received a big pay rise today.

His new salary is $356,527 (plus allowances).

See a breakdown of what Will Hodgman will be receiving: Will’s Big Payday 2016, download it:  save it, share it.

Will's Big Payday 2016 - 600p chimp size

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