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Allied Health Professionals take leadership issue to bargaining

Tasmanian Health Service CEO Dr David Alcorn’s is still refusing to listen to union Members who’ve voiced their concern about his decision that there’ll be no AHP Executive Director to lead staff, with the position to go to a nurse. Dr Alcorn chairs the Tas Health Service Industrial Consultative Committee, which has met three times so far, yet Dr Alcorn hasn’t attended a single meeting in person or by video.

What now?

AHP members are now looking to take up the issue in bargaining in their AHP Agreement.

Who are Allied Health Professionals?

They include Dental Therapists, Radiologists, Speech Therapists, Public Health Officers, Social Workers, Scientists and work across 25 professions that help Tasmanians from all walks of life. They’re the second largest occupational group in the THS after Nurses.

Why this is important:

AHPs are a vital to our health system and they should be respected and have their own representative at the decision making table. The role is too big to represent the two biggest occupational groups in our health system – AHPS and nurses.

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