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Anna Stewart Memorial Project & Women’s conference

HELP strengthen women’s’ voices in the union movement. The week-long Anna Stewart Memorial Project is back for 2016, including the popular Unions Tasmania Women’s Conference, from 12-16 September. This year participants will hear from a range of speakers, panels, visit key bodies that are vital to the union movement and receive training on a range of topics. You’ll be joining women from across Tasmania in different occupations and unions. If you can’t spare a week, you can always come along to the Unions Tasmania Women’s Conference on Friday September 15.

Find a flyer here.

Email to let us know if you’re interested in attending the Anna Stewart Project or the Friday Conference only.

Who was Anna Stewart? Anna Stewart successfully led the first blue collar union campaign for maternity leave award provisions.  She then went on to campaign for many issues that have helped women across Australia have better lives at work and home. Read more about her here.

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