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Compliance Inspectors Agreement Registered

LAST week saw the Compliance Inspectors Agreement registered. It’s an agreement that’s seen many hours of hard work from Delegates and Members.

Compliance Inspectors in Treasury’s Liquor and Gaming branch visit all sorts of licenced premises to ensure licence conditions are being adhered to, including your local cricket or footy club, The Spirits of Tasmania and the Wrest Point and Country Club casinos.

Their work regulates the Tasmanian liquor and gaming industry and minimises harm. Often their work happens within unsociable hours – after a cricket match or footy game, when a venue is in full swing on a Friday or Saturday night or at events like the Taste of Tasmania.

A key part of the agreement was recognition of the out of hours compliance work that Liquor and Gaming Inspectors do.

All Members were active and involved during the bargaining process, drafting the proposal with the help of the union office that then became the log of claims for negotiation.

It always works better when Delegates and Members get involved in negotiations. You know your jobs inside out and what you need to do your work. We win better outcomes when an agreement is Member-led. Here, negotiations were positive, as they should be, with the employer and employees reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

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