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Friday Wrap: Our Week in Review


AGM: Come along!

AGMDELEGATES come along to our Annual General Meeting and hear about your union’s activity over the last 12 months. It’s a chance to meet staff, officials and other Members. It’s always a great afternoon, capped off by our CPSU Award presentations. Lunch is provided.

When: Friday August 26, 1pm

Where: CPSU office: 157 Collins St, Hobart

RSVP: email and let us know if you can come.

All Members are welcome to attend; we’d love to see you there.

World Ranger Day: Thanks!

parksTHIS week we said thanks to our Members in the Parks and Wildlife Service on World Ranger Day.

Here are some of the ways staff in Parks and Wildlife Service help our state:

“We keep Parks as protected as possible from fires.”

“We protect national Parks and Reserves for you and your grand kids.”

“The work we do every day means you can bushwalk on safe tracks.”

“We keep the Parks you enjoy free of weeds and rubbish.”

“We keep the native wildlife you love and visitors come here to see safe from feral animals.”

“We organise accommodation for Parks visitors who are stranded in the snow.”
Read this story about PWS Delegate Peter Feil, who’s worked in the service for 17 years here.

Biosecurity Tasmania warn about new snail threat

biosecurityBiosecurity Tasmania staff protect our unique island state and exports. They keep us aware of current threats to our disease free status and work hard to stamp out any pests.

This week Biosecurity Tas staff stopped strawberry imports from two Western Australian growers following the discovery of pest green snails.

Mercury story below, (click to enlarge)












Read the ABC story here.

Transport Inspectors: long-term fix needed at state’s weighbridges 

roadsTRANSPORT Inspectors work hard to keep our roads safe. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR’s) two-month National Roadworthiness Baseline Survey (NRBS) started on August 1. Around Australia authorised officers will conduct heavy vehicle health checks at roadside check points. This research will identify factors that increase the risk of incidents, help to develop a national risk-based inspection approach and identify high-risk components, systems, vehicles or operators. Heavy vehicles like trucks are a huge risk to our safety on roads as well as a big contributor to infrastructure wear and tear.

In Tasmania, Transport Inspectors are conducting these inspections for the survey at weigh sites. This survey is just another way Transport Inspectors are on the frontline of road safety. Meanwhile, CPSU Members raised with their agency that there were no kitchen or toilet facilities and running water at the weigh sites where they’re conducting this research. Because of this, hire campervans with kitchens, toilets and running water were provided for the two months the survey is running.

This shows the difference Members can make when they speak up about their concerns. However, this stop-gap measure isn’t good enough; the absence of these everyday and vital facilities has been a long term, ongoing issue for Transport Inspectors at the state’s open, functional weigh sites.

These weigh sites need to be fit for purpose so Transport Inspectors can more easily and safely  go about their important work of keeping our roads safe. Meanwhile, other weigh bridges around the state have remained closed for a long time because they’re no longer functional and need funding so they can be operational again. 

Corrections safety

prisonCPSU: The service is operating with 35 fewer staff than needed to fill up the daily roster, which increases the risk of cumulative stress and fatigue.

Read the full story here.

Save our Weekend: sign the petition

Save our weekend squareWE KNOW that watering down weekend penalty rates would mean a massive cut for those who work unsociable hours. Soon the Fair Work Commission will give its report on the future of weekend rates and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has so far refused to say that he’ll prevent a move to slash these rates.

Sign the petition to ask Prime Minister Turnbull and Employment Minister Senator Michaelia Cash to stand up for weekend rates.

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