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Friday Wrap: Your Week in review


Your 2016 CPSU Award Winners Announced!

CPSU Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Tasmanian Community

Recipient: Shirley Williams, Bridgewater LINC

Congratulations to Shirley, our CPSU Award Recipient for Outstanding Contribution to the Tasmanian Community

Shirley is a founding member of the Advocacy group Breaking the Silence, which was founded five years ago. This group works within the Brighton/Bridgewater and the Tasmanian communities to raise awareness of family violence. Shirley also volunteers as an Adult Literacy Tutor, helping adults to read and write.

We are proud to have Shirley as a Member and congratulate her on her community work.

Community Award winner Shirley Williams

Commendations for Outstanding Contribution to the Tasmanian Community

Sam Dix

Scott Ragg


CPSU Suzanne Pearce Memorial Award for Outstanding Work in Children & Youth Services

Recipient: Michelle Watson, Child Protection


Congratulations to Michelle, our 2016 recipient of the CPSU Suzanne Pearce Memorial Award for Outstanding Work in Children & Youth Services. Staff like Michelle protect our children and support Tasmanian families.

Michelle is dedicated to the young people and families she works with and is a supportive and thoughtful team member.

Congratulations Michelle for all the work you do to make our state better.

CYS Award Winner Michelle Watson

Commendations for Outstanding Work in Children & Youth Services

Annica Clarke

Fiona Hales

Tasplan Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Workplace Delegate

Recipient: Heath Lorkin, Child Protection

Congratulations to Heath, our 2016 recipient of the Tasplan Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Workplace Delegate.
Heath works tirelessly everyday speaking, advocating and helping Members in his workplace. He’s helped Children and Youth Services Members increased  their activism and give them the confidence to speak up about understaffing that they were experiencing across the board.

Congratulations Heath for all the work you do to help our state’s children and families and advocating for your colleagues.

CPSU Delegate Award Winner Heath Lorkin (2)

Commendations for Outstanding Workplace Delegate

Andrew Boskell

Greg Rooke

Jason Buckley

John Everard

Ken Hart

Steve Arditto

Tamatha Creely

First PSUWA Bargaining Reference Group meetings kicked off yesterday  

IMG_6173THIS week 28 Delegates and Members attended the first bargaining reference group meeting in Hobart – a great turnout and a packed room. They heard about the Hodgman government’s “unique” approach to bargaining and what its proposals mean for public sector staff like you. 

This is what Will Hodgman’s approach is so far.  Members, make sure you’re involved in bargaining. If Public Sector staff can stand together, it’s going to make a big difference this bargaining year.

CPSU’s Thirza White said: “It’s not what happens at the negotiation table that will determine public sector bargaining – it’s what happens in workplaces.”

Heard at the Hobart Bargaining Reference Group meeting

“We have to have to have majority union workplaces if we’re going to stand up against these changes.”

“Members in my workplace are at different life stages – the government’s approach is designed to pit people against each other.”

“Trying to get rid of conditions – it’s about creating chaos for staff.”

“The Premier says a 2.3-2.4% increase is okay for himself but not for us?! Get stuffed!”

“Are politicians happy to get rid of super out of their award?” “Getting rid of conditions – get stuffed!” 

“There’s no budget emergency now, their wages policy is morphing into the liberal agenda.” “Asking public sector to pay for conditions of employment? It’s just ridiculous.”

Launceston & Burnie Delegates and Members – it’s your turn soon! Join the upcoming bargaining reference groups in the North and North West:

Launceston Tuesday August 30, 12.30pm, Henty House 

RSVP: email and let us know if you’re coming.

Burnie Tuesday September 6, 12.30pm, room TBA

RSVP: email and let us know if you’re coming.

Delegates leading on consultation and change

Cons and change Delegates Aug 25THIS WEEK the group of Delegates, your workplace leaders trained on how to build strength to ensure consultation rights during changes are adhered to.

Consultation needs to be member driven if it’s going to be a genuine process and so we can make the best possible decisions for our workplaces, services and communities. We need the power of Members and Delegates working together to do this.

Eight Delegates from a range of areas attended the Deloraine training day.

Check out our upcoming training here.

CPSU Annual General Meeting

A full house at the 2016 AGMTODAY Almost 50 Members, Delegates, Councilors, Officials and staff came together to hear about the year that’s been and celebrate achievements.

Our CPSU Award Winners and scholarship recipients were announced to cap off the meeting.

Surplus: Properly fund Tasmanian public services

stills lo res (8)LAST week Will Hodgman’s government discovered there was a surprise surplus of $62 million. This cash surplus was built by cutting the services Tasmanians rely on. We need investment in our public services so they can strengthen our Tasmanian communities. 

Services like: 

• Our hospitals, which care for the sick and get them back on their feet; 

• Our Parks & Wildlife Service, which protects our world-renowned environment; 

• TasTAFE, which build the skills Tasmania needs; and 

• Legal Aid, which keeps us safe and turn lives around.

Cuts have undermined the services that generations of Tasmanians have built.

We asked the community We took this to the people on Saturday at House lawns who used coloured balls to show where they’d like the surplus spent out of a handful of the services you provide and politicians pay. 

Check out the result hereWe’ll roll out activities like this around the state to raise the importance of our many public services to our communities. This recent activity only took an hour yet we talked to so many people. If you want to get involved in activities like this in our communities to support our public services, email

Sign the petition and tell Premier Will Hodgman to invest in the services you need.

State Service Employment Framework: Tell us what you think

PaperLAST week the Hodgman Government circulated a discussion paper that seeks to review the employment framework in the Tasmanian Public Sector.  This is a very important issue as it goes to how public sector staff are employed and has the potential to undermine the job security of those workers.

The CPSU is still reviewing the paper but we’re concerned union members have been given just three weeks to provide feedback.  We intend to seek a longer period so we can properly engage with Members and give this issue the attention it deserves.

Have a read through the discussion paper here and let us know your thoughts, email



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