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Surplus: Properly fund Tasmanian public services

LAST week Will Hodgman’s government discovered there was a surprise surplus of $62 million. This cash surplus was built by cutting the services Tasmanians rely on. We need investment in our public services so they can strengthen our Tasmanian communities. 

Services like: 

• Our hospitals, which care for the sick and get them back on their feet; 

• Our Parks & Wildlife Service, which protects our world-renowned environment; 

• TasTAFE, which build the skills Tasmania needs; and 

• Legal Aid, which keeps us safe and turn lives around. Cuts have undermined the services that generations of Tasmanians have built.

We asked the community We took this to the people on Saturday at House lawns who used coloured balls to show where they’d like the surplus spent out of a handful of the services you provide and politicians pay. 

Check out the result here.

We’ll roll out activities like this around the state to raise the importance of our many public services to our communities. This recent activity only took an hour yet we talked to so many people. If you want to get involved in activities like this in our communities to support our public services, email

Sign the petition and tell Premier Will Hodgman to invest in the services you need.

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