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The People’s Inquiry into Privatisation

POLITICIANS at all levels of government are recklessly privatising our public services.

Privatisation leads to diminished quality of services, lack of accountability and transparency, and taking control of services out of public hands. Services should be run for public good, not private profit. Services should be accountable, transparent, and democratic.

Communities should have a say over how their services are run and what services they need: that’s why we’re holding a People’s Inquiry into Privatisation. We want to start a national conversation around privatisation and develop an alternative vision for our public services.

The People’s Inquiry, chaired by David Hetherington, will travel around the country talking to communities about the impact of privatisation, and the types of public services they need.

We want to hear from you about the impact of privatisation on services in your community, and we want to hear your ideas for how we could change our public services for the better.

Get involved

Find out more about the Inquiry here.

If you’d like to make a submission or help contribute to our submission in the inquiry, let us know: email You might’ve noticed the effects of privatisation and what it means to the service you help provide to Tasmanians. Maybe you’re noticing privatisation by stealth in your service – when funding goes to the private sector while public services remain struggling and underfunded. We need your stories.

The Hobart Public Hearing is on Friday October 14.

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