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Transport Inspectors: long-term fix needed at state’s weighbridges

TRANSPORT Inspectors work hard to keep our roads safe. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR’s) two-month National Roadworthiness Baseline Survey (NRBS) started on August 1.

Around Australia authorised officers will conduct heavy vehicle health checks at roadside check points. This research will identify factors that increase the risk of incidents, help to develop a national risk-based inspection approach and identify high-risk components, systems, vehicles or operators. Heavy vehicles like trucks are a huge risk to our safety on roads as well as a big contributor to infrastructure wear and tear.

In Tasmania, Transport Inspectors are conducting these inspections for the survey at weigh sites. This survey is just another way Transport Inspectors are on the frontline of road safety.

Meanwhile, CPSU Members raised with their agency that there were no kitchen or toilet facilities and running water at the weigh sites where they’re conducting this research. Because of this, hire campervans with kitchens, toilets and running water were provided for the two months the survey is running. This shows the difference Members can make when they speak up about their concerns.

However, this stop-gap measure isn’t good enough; the absence of these everyday and vital facilities has been a long term, ongoing issue for Transport Inspectors at the state’s open, functional weigh sites. These weigh sites need to be fit for purpose so Transport Inspectors can more easily and safely  go about their important work of keeping our roads safe. Meanwhile, other weigh bridges around the state have remained closed for a long time because they’re no longer functional and need funding so they can be operational again. 

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