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AEC post-CPSU Branch Election report

A REPORT has been received from the Australian Electoral Commission on the 2016 CPSU Branch Election that notes that while there were no irregularities with  conduct of elections it does note several Branch Rules that were difficult to apply/interpret and recommends these be addressed.

The CPSU Federal election Rules were completely rewritten in 2015/6 and as a result a number of inconsistencies were created between the Federal Rules and the Branch Rules.  By the time the Federal Rules were finalised making changes to the Branch Rules would have coincided with the 2016 elections and there was a likelihood this would have caused delays meaning the requirement in the Rules for the election to be completed by 30 June would not have been achieved.

Any inconsistencies between the Federal Rules and the Branch Rules mean that the Federal Rules apply and it was on this basis that the election was conducted.  This had no material effect on the outcome of the election.  The Branch will now seek to amend the Branch Rules to address these inconsistencies before the next election.

A copy of the AEC Post Election report can be accessed here.  A copy of the Branch response to the AEC can be accessed here.  A copy of the declaration for stage 1 here, stage 2 here and stage 3 here.

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