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How we should respond to Hodgman’s ultimatum

THIS last week Premier Will Hodgman walked away from two sets of public sector negotiations.

The agreement that sets the wages and conditions for the majority of public sector employees (PSUWA) as well as the agreement that covers Allied Health Professionals (AHPs).

This extraordinary step has never been taken by a Government before in Tasmania including:

  • Only two negotiation meetings held for the PSUWA and just one for AHPs;
  • Announcement in Parliament before advising own staff or your union;
  • Refusal to negotiate on the challenges facing our public sector such as career progression & succession planning, workloads, privatisation and the increasing politicisation of our public sector; and
  • Take it or leave it offer with a November 30 deadline.

As delegates of our union we need to decide together what our next steps will be.  To do this we will be holding meetings of our Bargaining Reference Groups across the State next week.

Burnie – Tuesday, September 27
12.30 @ MRT Harris Building 2nd Floor, 47-49 Cattley St, Burnie

Launceston –¬†Tuesday, September 27
12.30 @ CPSU/HACSU Office 91 Paterson St, Launceston

Hobart – Wednesday, September 28
12.30pm @ CPSU 157 Collins St, Hobart

These meetings will be short and sharp so you can attend in your lunch break. Bring your lunch.

To RSVP email Rebecca at

Have a colleague who you think would be interested in coming along? Invite them today.

By working together we can strengthen our public sector. If not us then who?

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