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Friday Wrap: Your week in review


PSUWA Update

IT’S BEEN a busy fortnight since Premier Will Hodgman issued his PSUWA wages ultimatum in Parliament after just 2 bargaining meetings.

Our Executive has met, we’ve phoned over 200 Delegates, had dozens of workplace meetings with Members and last week over 70 Delegates met as part of our Bargaining Reference groups in Burnie, Launceston and Hobart.

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The focus of all these discussions is to see how people feel about Mr Hodgman’s ultimatum and to identify the options we have to respond.
We know what our Executive thinks and we know what our Delegates think so the next step is to hear your views.

Your Delegates and union team will hold workplace Member meetings across the state for the week beginning October 24 where you get to choose what option should be put to a vote of Members that will decide our response to Hodgman’s ultimatum.

Next week we’ll advise meeting details, and it’ll include key sites, but if you think your workplace needs a separate meeting so as many of you as possible can attend then get in touch with us

The meetings will take place in paid time, and with HACSU, AEU and United Voice, so keep an eye out for the schedule and come along and have your say.

AHP Update

THE HODGMAN Government has taken the extraordinary step of writing to all Allied Health Professionals with the same take it or leave it position it has towards the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement.

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The Premier’s asking you to accept your wages being capped at 2% for at least another 3 years but is unwilling to address any important issues in your claim.

Click here to see your Log of Claims and here for the government’s response.

There was just one bargaining meeting before Premier Hodgman issued his ultimatum giving you until November 30 to accept – and if you don’t accept he’s ruled out backdating any future increase.

No Government has ever behaved this way in negotiations. 

More than 70 CPSU Members – your Bargaining Reference Group – met in Hobart, Burnie and Launceston last week to discuss the “offer” and the options available and agreed meetings should be held in late October so Members can decide the option to be put to ballot.

Attendance at these meetings is crucial but only union Members will get to decide the way forward so if you have non-Member colleagues encourage them to join.

It’s as simple as clicking here.

Sentencing Legislation

This week the Hodgman Government released a draft Bill, the Sentencing Amendments (Assaults of Frontline Workers) Bill 2016, that is fairly simple – it extends the legislation that applies mandatory minimum sentences for offences that cause serious bodily harm to Police Officers to include Correctional Officers, Community Corrections staff, Ambulance Paramedics, Nurses and Child Protection workers.

This legislation has been in place for Police since 2014 but latest crime stats show the number of assaults on Police have risen by 30% in the past year and that while 15 people have been charged with criminal code assaults and will face a Supreme Court trial none of them have met the criteria that would trigger a minimum mandatory sentence.

CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch explained in an interview with ABC, “This legislation does nothing for the assaults that have occurred in the last year because none of them met the legal definition of serious bodily harm, despite people having broken cheek bones and lacerations.

You can read a draft of the proposed legislation here, and we’re keen to hear your views because the Minister has asked for feedback on the legislation by October 14.

If you have feedback on the bill email Tom Lynch –

Hobart Show Union Stall


IF YOU go to the Hobart Show make sure you drop by the union stall at number 44/45 in the Showcase/Showbag pavilion.

Each year it’s a great chance to increase awareness among thousands of show goers and on the Show Day holiday on Thursday October 20 you’ll find your CPSU staff members and some Delegates holding the fort for the day.

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