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Friday Wrap: Your week in review


PSUWA Bargaining Update

THIS week the Hodgman Government again used Parliament to reissue its ultimatum to public sector workers that unless you accept their offer further jobs will be cut.

The Premier and his Treasurer don’t understand that services are at breaking point and slashing more jobs will just mean Tasmanians will be denied the services they rely upon.

There are many problems facing our public sector but, instead of sitting down with its workforce and finding solutions, this government resorts to threats and bullying.

AHP meeting vote

The Premier wants to make money the only issue of importance in this bargaining round but Members are telling us that addressing workloads, providing career paths and communicating better on change are equally important – accepting the Hodgman ultimatum means none of these issues will be addressed until after the middle of 2019.

Bargaining Reference Groups have met to discuss the options you have in responding to the government’s ultimatum and CPSU Delegates are busy arranging Member meetings across the state during the week beginning Monday October 24.

These meetings are authorised by the State Service Management Office to be held in paid time and will go for about an hour and Members should advise their managers they’ll be attending so coverage arrangements can be made.

Members will get to discuss the options and decide which one will be put to a vote in response to the Government’s take it or leave it ‘offer’ – as soon as we’ve collated all the venues and times we’ll update everyone.

Mental Health Week

This week is a chance for the CPSU to thank all our members and delegates who offer support to various parts of our community.

Often, the frontline for mental health is our hospitals.

But there’s also our members who work at a grass-roots level, like Angela, who was profiled during our Proud To Be Public member profiles on social media this week.


Angela is a school social worker and provides support to kids, families and teachers.

For more information visit the BeyondBlue website.

Royal Hobart Show

ALL kids love an armful of showbags but imagine if that cute rubber unicorn had a sharp metal horn… or the Spiderman suit was stapled not stitched… or your 6 year old dived into a lolly bag stuffed with dubious edibles made from unidentified ingredients of indeterminate origin.

This is where Consumer, Building and Occupational Services in the Department of Justice comes in, and CPSU Delegate Richard Bennett is part of the team who check the show bags before they’re sold to our kids to make sure they comply with safety and consumer law.

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett

That’s just one of the hundreds of public service jobs that slips under the radar but is vital to keeping us and our children safe.

The Royal Hobart Show starts on October 20.

Education Rally

THE GOVERNMENT’s proposed Tasmanian Education Act will lower the school starting age to 4 years 6 months, and to 3 years 6 months for kindergarten, and will also affect young people at the end of their life as a student as well as imposing many other changes on students, schools, families and Department of Education teaching and non-teaching staff.

There are many people who feel Minister Rockliff’s draft legislation could do more harm than good to children, and see too may holes in it for it to be made law, so a rally against the Act is being held this Saturday.

Read more about the proposed changes here and here.

Rally against the proposed Education Act
12-12.45pm, Saturday, October 15, Parliament Lawns Hobart 

Do you have strong views for or against as a parent or as a CPSU Member working in Education? Let us know by emailing 

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