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Friday wrap: Your week in review

Help bring resi care back into public hands

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MONDAY night’s ABC 4 Corners program exposed the shocking failures in our country’s privatised residential care system, including in Tasmania’s north west.

The program revealed that some private operators are treating vulnerable children as badly as the families they escaped from, rather than protecting and nurturing them.

Click here to sign the online petition to stop private providers profiting from at-risk kids and to bring residential care back into public hands.

Missed the program? You can view it, here.

PSUWA Bargaining Update

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Government negotiators who said they’d need to take instruction from the Public Sector Industrial Relations Committee and possibly Cabinet before responding indicated there were three possible ways forward:

1. Govt rejects counter-proposal, withdraws ‘offer’ and negotiations will continue but without any guarantee of an increase in December or backdating.
2. Govt accepts counter-proposal and Members receive 2% increase from December 2016 and we continue to negotiate on our priority issues.
3. Govt makes a further counter-proposal aimed at finalising a 3-year agreement within the next few weeks.

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A preferred option wasn’t stated, but indications were that the Hodgman Government would prefer to finalise a 3-year agreement in the short term rather than continue negotiations through next year.

The government has committed to respond to unions by the scheduled November 22 meeting and if it responds with a package that picks up the priority issues, we’ll need to provide an in-principle response before December 1 to guarantee increases are paid from December.

Your Bargaining Reference Groups (BRG) will determine this response, then Members will be balloted for final endorsement, so if you’re interested in getting more involved in your union you’re welcome at one of the meetings:

Bargaining Reference Group Meetings

BURNIE 12.30pm Tuesday November 29
MRT, Harris Building 47-49 Cattley St

LAUNCESTON 12.30pm Tuesday November 29
CPSU Office, 91 Paterson St

HOBART 12.30pm Wednesday November 30
CPSU Office, 157 Collins St

To register please email

Family Violence Leave Rally

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ON MONDAY Fair Work Australia started hearing the case for paid Family Violence Leave in modern awards – a very important entitlement the union movement is seeking for Australians.

To show solidarity on Monday unionists and community members gathered outside court buildings around the country, and in Hobart some of your CPSU staff and fellow Members joined others outside the Law Courts in Hobart’s Davey Street.

Family violence can touch anyone’s life and isn’t a problem confined to the home, as two thirds of women who experience it are working.

This leave would give survivors time to visit police, lawyers, doctors and go to court, move home or change the kids’ schools – in other words, escape the cycle of violence.

 Our parks need help

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TASMANIA’S funding for our parks is a measly $12 per hectare.

Compare this to $37 per hectare in NSW and $51 per hectare in Victoria (and the national average is $26 per hectare).

Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate this amount, considering our parks are the cornerstone of our tourism industry.

Article courtesy of The Mercury (Thursday, November 17).

Wall planners have arrived!

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FOR THOSE who’ve been calling the office, and those who haven’t realised how terrifyingly close Christmas and 2017 actually is, your new wall planners are ready.

Delegates can drop by the Hobart office to collect planners for the CPSU Members in their workplace or Members can call in and grab their own.

Many will be delivered to work sites as our Organisers are out and about but the cost and logistics of hand-delivering or posting every planner to every Member is prohibitive.

Contact your Delegate, Organiser or the CPSU on 6234 1708 or if you want a planner but can’t get to the Hobart office.

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