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Friday Wrap: Your week in review


PSUWA ballot closes today

AT LAST week’s statewide meetings the government’s ‘offer’ was discussed and attendees endorsed a resolution to be put to a ballot of all Members so you can have your say about your future.

Members would have received an email regarding the ballot on Monday – the link is attached to the email.

Don’t forget, the ballot closes today (Friday, November 4) and we’ll be in touch with Delegates early next week about our next step.

People’s Inquiry into Privatisation


CPSU’s Tom Lynch appeared at the People’s Inquiry into Privatisation when it visited Hobart recently.

the drivers and causes of privatisation in Australia and its impact on communities when it came to Hobart recently.

The panel are travelling around the country hearing submissions about the drivers and causes of privatisation and its impact on the community.

The panel includes David Hetherington, Executive Director of the Think Tank Per Capita, Yvonne Henderson, former WA Commissioner for Equal Opportunity and Archie Law, Executive Director of Action – Aid Australia.

The Hearing noted that despite the often-stated position of the Hodgman Government that it doesn’t intend to privatise state assets, there is a common theme that privatisation is occurring by stealth, for example in Family Violence where, despite repeated requests for additional resources, all new funding and existing waiting lists have been transferred to the NGO sector.

Artists with Conviction

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 1.42.19 pm

Check out the exhibition – Artists with Conviction – at Rosny Farm.

The exhibition shows how the Tasmanian Department of Justice works with offenders to improve their quality of life and support them in their rehabilitation.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 1.44.23 pm

Inmates can sell their artwork at their own prices and all proceeds go into their own accounts so they can buy art and craft equipment and supplies.

This year is the seventh annual exhibition and it includes painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, multimedia, woodwork, quilting, applied art and furniture.

Artists with Conviction is being held at Rosny Barn: October 24 – November 13.

Bid for pay to leave cars at home continues

Conversations regarding ways to ease Hobart’s traffic congestion has continued this week.

Unions and welfare groups spoke to The Mercury last week to discuss the issue, suggesting the state’s public service workers catch the bus to work to help ease the gridlock.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 1.50.05 pm

CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch said extra demand for public transport could be matched with the provision of express bus services and CBD pick-up points.

The National Heart Foundation of Australia has joined the debate – adding it’s an opportunity for us all to boost our health.

What do you think? Have your say at the CPSU Facebook page.

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