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PSUWA: Members endorse counter-proposal



CPSU MEMBERS covered by the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement (PSUWA) have voted overwhelmingly to respond to the Hodgman Government’s ‘offer’ with a counter-proposal.

70% of eligible Members voted in the ballot and 94% supported the counter-proposal, putting the government on notice that its employees want real action to address the challenges facing the Tasmanian public sector.
We won’t accept an ultimatum in place of bargaining.

As CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch said:

“This is a very strong message to Premier Hodgman from his public sector workforce and is a circuit breaker that gives him a second chance at bargaining in good faith, so the Premier now has the opportunity to address the issues that make it increasingly difficult for CPSU Members to deliver the quality services the Tasmanian community needs and expects.”

Members voted to accept a 2% salary increase from December 2016, on the basis that the government agrees to continue negotiations for a 3-year agreement that addresses the issues of concern.

Those negotiations must be concluded by March 2017.

“There’s more to an Enterprise Agreement than wage increases and by accepting the 2% offered from December this year our Members are providing the space for discussions that can improve our public sector,” said Tom Lynch.

The counter-proposal will be put to the government at a meeting today, Monday November 7, and any final outcome will be brought to your Bargaining Reference Group for discussion and put to you for your endorsement.

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