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CPSU week in review – 5 Agreements Finalised

5 Agreements finalised

THE results are in and over 96% of Members voted to endorse your new Public Sector Wages Agreement (PSUWA).

Thanks to all those who took the time to have your say in the ballot.

It’s a two-year agreement, which includes:

  • No cuts to existing conditions
  • Significant improvements to Maternity Leave from 12 to 14 weeks, Partner Leave from 1 day to 1 week, 
  • Night Shift Loading from 16% to 22% 
  • 10 days Compassionate Leave;
  • Above CPI increases – 2% for most classifications but up to 2.8% for lower paid employees;
  • Novated leases for all public sector employees;
  • Commitments to address many of the big issues facing the public sector including workforce planning, progression through broad banding, phased-in retirement, arrangements for reclassification, youth recruitment and clarifying the rights of public sector workers as citizens.

You can find a summary of the PSUWA offer here.

Ballots have also been held for Allied Health Professionals, Radiation Therapists, Dental Officers and Correctional Officers and in each case, the offers negotiated have been strongly supported by Members.

In each Agreement, the outcomes were similar to the PSUWA, however, an agreement was reached to deal with occupation specific issues in 2017.

Negotiations are continuing for Ministerial Drivers and Port Arthur staff.

What’s next?

Your CPSU team have lodged the 5 finalised agreements with the Tasmanian Industrial Commission for registration today, Thursday, December 22.

What happens to my pay?

Your pay will take effect from 7 December for HAHSA members and from 14 December for TSSA members.
Given the Christmas break your rise should hit your pocket, with back pay, on 18 January for HAHSA members and 25 January for TSSA.

When we work together, we see change

This is an improved Agreement compared to the one that was announced by Treasurer Gutwein in Parliament and sent to all public sector employees just a few months ago.
This again demonstrates that it’s only when we work together that we see change – that we move the government of the day to show respect for you, services and our communities.

So congratulations, as every meeting you attend, Proud to be Public story you share, photo you appear in, union conversation you have and email you forward strengthens our union and the outcomes we secure for all public sector employees.

In 2017 

This agreement improves your conditions but it won’t resolve many of the challenges facing the public sector.
Challenges around under-funding and unmanageable workloads that erode services and the integrity of our sector.

So in 2017, this will be our focus – together we will strengthen services and our public sector.

Christmas Wishes

On behalf of us all at the CPSU – the Members, the Delegates, the Councillors and the staff – we wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas and hope you all get an opportunity to recharge your batteries for 2017.

The CPSU office will be closed from 3pm on Friday, December 23 and we’ll be returning on Tuesday, January 3 at 8.30am.

For any urgent enquiries during this time, call the CPSU office line on 6234 1708 for details.

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