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Meet our Members: Niki Hussain

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Niki Hussain, School Social Worker    





NIKI was recently recognised for her initiative and enthusiasm in helping students, parents and staff in her role with Learning Services Southern Region.

In November she won the RBF/DOE Award for support staff and spoke to the CPSU team about her role in the public sector.

My job helps the Tasmanian community by… “Supporting children and young people to participate, be engaged, be safe in the learning environment and access what they need to reach their full potential.
School Social Workers benefit the local community through a focus on student wellbeing and targeted support to help students overcome barriers that affect their learning.
These barriers may include, for example; family conflict, mental health problems, attendance issues and recovery from trauma. We also help schools build their capacity to respond to student wellbeing issues.”

I joined the union because… “I wanted to have a say in our work conditions and improve the situation for temporary, fixed term contract staff members. I’m on my fourth contract now and it would be lovely to have some greater job security!”

One thing you would like to change in your community? “Better mental health facilities for young people with acute mental illness in Hobart. I would also like to see more services available for kids affected by family violence and more funding in schools for students who can’t manage mainstream classrooms and require alternate learning programs.”

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