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CPSU Week in Review – Celebrations and Reflections

AROUND 50 Delegates, Members and CPSU staff got together at this weeks’ Bargaining Reference Group meeting in Hobart to celebrate 2016’s wages campaign achievements, to reflect on our activity during those negotiations and to look at the work ahead of us. 

Delegates agreed that a combination of meetings, site visits and communications allowed Members to be heavily involved in our agreement negotiations from the beginning:

“No other union I’ve been part of has ever involved Members and Delegates in the negotiation process like the CPSU has done”

“This negotiation made me proud to be part of the CPSU”

It was important to celebrate 2016’s achievements but we also discussed 2017’s focus including: 

•  Parks & Wildlife
•  Band 1 employment
•  Shift arrangements
•  Youth recruitment
•  Phased-in retirement
•  Work health & safety

The projects have been developed to ensure government’s held to account on commitments it made during negotiations and the project groups will be formed from the Bargaining Reference Group.

These project groups will focus on involving Members in their areas of interest and expertise – you work in these areas and work under these conditions so you should be involved.

Delegates and Members meet next week in the North and North West:

LAUNCESTON: Feb 21, 12.30pm, HACSU Office, 91 Paterson St
BURNIE: Feb 22, 12.30pm, LINC, 30 Alexander St

We’d love to see you there. RSVP to Rebecca at

A day in the Life of…

Michelle Castle DIL

Did you catch the start of our Day in the Life series on social media this week?

We kicked it off with Michelle Castle, who took us into a day in her role as the business manager for Rosetta Primary School.

She took over our Facebook page on Friday – click here to see the start of her day.

Intense activity by West Australian CPSU

YOUR CPSU/CSA in Western Australia is in hyperdrive right now with a state election on March 11 and a new public sector agreement in the pipeline.    

Negotiations with the WA Government’s representatives from the Department of Commerce began early last year, but the looming election has meant Members have a chance to influence who their employer will be – and thus who they’ll ultimately be negotiating their agreement with – so there’s some intense campaigning going on over in the west.

As Branch Secretary Toni Walkington said, “Conversation about the current public sector wages policy, which changed in 2016, was a reminder of the Barnett Government’s restrictive approach to bargaining. If we want to negotiate with a government whose policy leaves room for genuine negotiation we’ll need to vote for change on the 11th of March”.

Corrective Service employee and CPSU Delegate Deborah Stackpole reinforced the importance of Delegates getting more involved – “I think its essential Delegates are here at the table… it’s our future for the next two years”.

The threats posed by privatisation, hiring-freezes, contracting, Agency Expenditure Reviews, Voluntary Separation Schemes and the Workforce Reform Act 2014 have created much uncertainty, and public sector cuts have undermined Members’ capacity to deliver services to West Australians.

To help encourage Members to elect a government that’ll ensure the public sector can continue to deliver valued services the CPSU has been holding Your Union Your Vote forums across Western Australia and inviting all local political candidates to be part of a candidates Q&A panel at each forum.

You can follow your West Oz colleagues’ campaign here

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