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Meet Our Members: Jessica Coley

Member Profile: Jessica Coley, TasTafe



This lady doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.
At 85-years-young, Jessica has worked at TasTAFE for 30 years next month.

Jessica started her journey with TAFE working as the cook for 13 years at the Alanvale campus and then moved on to become a cleaner – she still works full time.
“If you are able to work, then I think you should for as long as you can … it’s good for your mind,” she said.
She recently spoke to the CPSU team about her role at TasTAFE and her time as a proud union member.

My job is… “I started as a cook for the students who stayed on campus when they first built the residence.
“They were students from the country and the principal Mr McLachlan said, “We want plain, tasty food and plenty of it.
“I had a really good relationship with the students, I cooked tea for 120 students and the teachers holding the night classes.
“I cooked anything they wanted … I had a boy ask me what my specialties were, and I asked him, ‘What would you like?’, he said golden syrup dumplings, so I called my Mum and asked her, ‘How do I make 240 dumplings?’ she got me going,” Jessica laughed.
After 13 years as the cook, Jessica became a cleaner at the campus.
“I look after them … I get along really well with the staff and students.
“If they want anything they all know they can come and ask me.”

I joined the union because… “To be honest, I’m not in the union to get more money. If I have a problem I can get advice.
“It’s the support I like … you know they’re on your side.
“I’ve had a long, satisfactory association with the union.”

One thing you would like to change in your community… “I wish everyone would be a bit nicer to each other, people tend to be selfish these days which is a bit disappointing.
“Give everyone a smile … not everyone will smile back, but you’ll get a smile from someone down the line.”

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