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CPSU Week in Review – Job losses, privatisation and Members efforts come to fruition

Members stand together and see change

A YEAR ago Allied Health Professionals voted to take action to ensure that AHPs had their own representation on the most senior decision-making body in our health system, and last Friday the position of THS Executive Director – Allied Health was advertised.

CEO David Alcorn was standing firm on his decision to have the Executive Member representing Nurses on the Tasmanian Health Service Executive also represent the interests of AHPs – the second largest workforce in the our health service.

THS AHP members from Social Work, Alcohol & Drug Services, Dietetics, Podiatry, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Mental Health, Pharmacy and many other areas took industrial action to demand that Mr Alcorn treat AHPs with respect and give them a voice on the THS Executive.

This is a great example of how Members standing together and refusing to take no for an answer meant the CEO was forced to listen to them, to respect them, and then to act in way that will mean better working lives for AHPS and even better services for Tasmanians.

Position Vacant: Executive Director – Allied Health

TasWater plans massive job losses


TASWATER’S unjustified cuts program will see jobs go in Sheffield, West Coast, Burnie, Sorell, New Norfolk, Huonville, Triabunna, St Helens, Moonah, Glenorchy, Kingston and Rocherlea to name a few and Tasmanians, particularly those living outside major urban centres, will be waiting longer for help when their ageing infrastructure fails.  

There’s privatisation in the wind yet Premier Hodgman talks of a government take-over – it just doesn’t add up.

Regardless of the ownership issue, TasWater is about to launch into a massive capital investment program… but is cutting jobs… and the government say it’ll pass legislation to prohibit privatisation… but TasWater’s plan will see many roles and functions privatised.

It seems the first casualties of the war between TasWater and the Hodgman Government will be 94 front line workers, many in regional towns, who’ve been providing quality services to Tasmanians for decades.

Read more here.

Privatisation is failing our communities

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LAST OCTOBER your CPSU’s Tom Lynch appeared before the panel at the People’s Inquiry into Privatisation, and the chair of that panel, David Hetherington, has just published an opinion piece in The Guardian titled, From public good to profit margin: how privatisation is failing our communities, which you can read in full here.


Disability services: “In parts of Australia a quiet tragedy is slowly unfolding… the privatisation of public disability support care… the initiative being used by state governments as a distraction to privatise government services is the NDIS.”

Health, aged care and child care services: Seven privatised public hospitals have failed and another four have had services badly affected. Infections and poor services have been directly attributed to the push for profits over care. Aged care privatisation was linked to plummeting levels of qualified staff and levels of care. Child care costs have skyrocketed in the absence of enough affordable government run services.

Electricity: Power prices in Melbourne have increased 85.9% since privatisation. The inquiry into the 2009 Black Saturday Fires was told the ages of assets and reduction in inspections were the major contributing factors that led to the electrical fires that caused 119 of the 173 deaths. Recent blackouts in South Australia were attributed to private operator’s decisions to withhold supply in the face of high prices rather than a failure of sustainable power generation.

The depth and breadth of privatisation: The list of services being privatised or outsourced is far larger than most people realise and includes Tafe, cleaning services, prisons, CSIRO, the ATO, land titles registry, housing, home care, jobs services.

David Hetherington: “From what we have heard from the community, the privatisation agenda is failing our communities, as citizens, as workers and as users of shared public services.”

If you hear of any privatisation whispers in your workplace please contact us at or 6234 1708 and we’ll investigate further. 

Celebrating International Women’s Day

This year’s International Women’s Day was a momentous day across the country with childcare educators throughout Australia walking off the job in protest of their wage agreement.

The CPSU attended the protest in Cambridge, click here to see footage of the event.


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