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CPSU Week in Review – TasWater takeover, pay cut protest



LAST week TasWater employees had to suffer ‘consultation’ sessions where managers contradicted themselves and each other and they had to listen to the General Manager of Service Delivery give a commitment to be open about proposed changes and to share all information – a brazen lie that breached the trust of the entire workforce.

TasWater has failed to provide information to support its arguments for drastic changes and job cuts far in excess of the cost savings it says it needs – no cost analysis, no data, no assessment of adverse effects and nothing on how it intends to mitigate any adverse effects.

To make matters worse, the Hodgman Government has decided now’s the right time to play politics with people’s lives with a smoke and mirrors announcement of a TasWater takeover, coincidentally planned for after the next election, yet the government hasn’t once spoken out against almost 100 Tasmanian workers losing their jobs.

Meanwhile the war of words between TasWater and the State Government continues.

All dedicated Tasmanian public servants and their families and communities deserve better.


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ON MONDAY’S Eight Hour Day public holiday Tasmanian unionists showed their support for workers who rely on penalty rates by marching down Davey Street to Senator Eric Abetz’ office – it was closed of course because everyone was enjoying their day off, possibly grabbing coffee and croissant from a hospitality worker with their nose to the grindstone.

The Fair Work Commission’s decision to cut the wages of some of the lowest paid workers in Australia is a foot in the door for more cuts with advice from law firm Maurice Blackburn showing the penalty rates decision puts other sectors at risk of penalty rates cuts.

Maurice Blackburn advised this is because the factors the FWC considered, including consumer expectation for services on weekends and public holidays, might be applied to other awards and sectors such as:

•  Aged and health care staff
•  Nurses
•  Transport workers
•  Security personnel
•  Cleaners
•  Construction workers
•  Clerical workers
•  Laundry and dry cleaning workers
•  Hair and beauty specialists
•  Teachers and other education providers
•  Miners
•  Social, community, disability and home care workers
•  Nursery workers

Australians need to stand up for those affected by the recent decision and all workers into the future – Sign the petition against the penalty rate cuts


UNIONS Tasmania is presenting a special screening of I, Daniel Blake, the award-winning Ken Loach film about Daniel Blake’s struggle to navigate Britain’s social security system in Britain.

With Australians struggling to access Centrelink services after years of under-funding and job cuts the parallels between Australia and the UK are clear, and the film raises legitimate questions about the essential services we want and need from our governments.

“This powerful parable about the failings of the benefits system avoids irony and cynicism and treats its troubled characters with humour and humanity” – The Guardian.

8.30pm Wednesday March 22
State Cinema, 375 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart

Tickets are just $13.50 and must be booked online here

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