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Parks & Forestry Firefighters

BREAKING NEWS: Parks and Wildlife Service and Sustainable Timber Tasmania (former Forestry Tas) firefighters are now included in legislation for cancer related diseases, thanks to the activism of CPSU Delegates.
Firefighters in TFS have access to compensation for work-related cancers and this week legislation was being considered by the Legislative Council to include volunteer fire fighters as well.

Last week PWS Delegates wrote a letter to the Upper House asking for an amendment to include Parks firefighters in legislation to give them to access to this compensation. Read the letter here: Workers Rehabilitation & Compensation Amendment – Letter from PWS Delega…

This amendment was accepted the amendment passed the Legislative Council yesterday and was passed in Lower House. The amendment sees all public sector workers involved in firefighting and those involved in fires who work for GBEs now included in the Presumptive Cancer legislation.

Parks and forestry firefighters put their lives on the line each summer and deserve the same protections as their Fire Service colleagues. They put themselves in danger to keep us safe and protect our world renowned environment. Parks and STT firefighters should have access to the same cover.

Public Sector Union Assistant Secretary Thirza White said “We all know firefighting can lead to cancer. If Parks and Wildlife Service and Forestry firefighters are standing shoulder to shoulder with volunteer firefighters then they should be covered. “They’re a really important part of our fire response. This would be a very important goodwill gesture by the Government for these people who put their lives on the line to protect us.”

Together when we use our voice we can make change.

Watch the video here.
Read the Mercury article below.

PWS article Mercury Nov 24

Congratulations to Delegates for their hard work on this important issue.

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