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2017: what you’ve achieved

WHEN Members work together to drive change we see real results in services Tasmanians need and in your lives. It’s a been a big year, yet again. We’ve compiled a list of wins, which we’ve achieved together this year that are worth celebrating. None of these would’ve happened without Delegates and Members stepping up to improve their workplaces. We are strongest when we work together.

WIN: PWS and forestry firefighters now covered in Presumptive Cancer Legislation

Thanks to the hard work of our Parks Delegates, Parks and Sustainable Timber Tasmania (forestry) Fire Fighters are now covered by presumptive cancer compensation legislation.  Parks Delegates who wrote to the Tasmanian Upper House drove this change.

We spoke to Parks and Wildlife Delegate Ben Storer about this massive win. 

“When we saw we weren’t recognised in the legislation, we were rather shocked,” he said. “Parks Firefighters aren’t just out in the bush in the middle of nowhere. We’re not just protecting the state’s natural assets, we’re saving people’s homes, farms and properties.  We’re one of the state’s biggest firefighting organisations. With the fires down on the Tasman Peninsula, for example, we were protecting homes on the urban fringe in areas where volunteers weren’t going.
“Finding out we’re now included is excellent news. It’s validation for the work we do. We’ve definitely got some smiles on our faces.  Every day between October and April, I pick up my fire kit bag, with my boots and my face mask. Every day during this time firefighting is on our minds and we’re ready 100%.”

Together we’ve improved your jobs, workplaces and Tasmanian services in the following ways:

Schools, Colleges and Education
• Won 17.02 additional FTE School and College admin positions funded at Band 2. It means about 120 schools & colleges across the state will see an increase to administration staffing from 2018. 
• Won additional administration staff for two terms in growing schools.
• Secured funding allocation for School Administration for Schools undertaking major works.
• Saw the re-advertisement of DOE jobs as flexible.

Child Safety
• Secured the backfilling of long-term leave in Child Safety Service, the filling of Child Safety Officers vacant positions and secured a commitment from Labor to an additional 20 CSOs.

• Won reclassification of Community Service Order Supervisors. 
• Stopped the move of Worksafe from Burnie to Devonport. 

• Won reclassifications of Seed Analysists from B1 to B2 at the DPIPWE Seed Lab.
• Secured PWS and Sustainable Timber Tasmania Firefighters in Presumptive Cancer Legislation.
• Allowed Service Tasmania staff to celebrate Christmas in their shops.

RBF, Ministerial Drivers and Port Arthur
• Secured the payment of unpaid incremental increases at Port Arthur Management Authority. 
• Made sure Ministerial Drivers secured safe rosters in the renegotiation of their Agreement. 
• Secured the maintenance of RBF salaries for staff who transferred to the Superannuation Commission. 

• Developed of a new roster in Pathology that was Award compliant.
• Put a halt to the privatisation of ‘LAN as a service’ in Government ICT services. 

• Protected the safety of COs in medium security. 
• Won minimum staffing arrangements in all TPS facilities. 
• Filled vacancies in Wilfred Lopes.

All Public Sector
• Stopped gutting of all ‘all non-industrial matters’ from your Award.
• Secured wage increases higher than 2% for those below Band 3. 
• Locked in 10 days paid Family Violence Leave. 
• Upped paid Maternity from 12 to 14 weeks. 
• Increased Paid Partner leave to 1 week plus a right to take a further two weeks through access to accrued leave or Leave without Pay. 
• Increased night shift loading in HaHSA from 15% to 22% in Dec 2017. 
• Locked in a minimum three hours recall for overtime (some exclusions). 
• Allowed access to novated leases. 

On a wider scale we
• Helped create the People’s Inquiry into Privatisation.
• Added our voice to the Senate Inquiry into Paid Parental Leave. This helped stop the proposed changes to the Government Paid Parental Leave scheme. 
• Supported a national petition to help protect public housing.
• Contributed to national submissions on the Human Services and NDIS review.


When Members and Delegates take a stand change happens, whether it’s sticking to work bans, taking industrial action or raising issues and solutions in meetings.  We look forward to working with you in the New Year to improve your lives, your work and your services. 


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