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Christmas back on at Service Tasmania

A DIRECTIVE to remove Christmas decorations is now reversed at Service Tasmania shops following the issue being raised by a Delegate.

Last week Service Tasmania staff were told: not to recognise Christmas in their offices in any way; to remove decorations; and not to wear anything festive. Read more here.

CPSU General Secretary Tom Lynch spoke about the ban on 936 ABC Hobart last week, which elicited outrage and disbelief from listeners.

TOM LYNCH: “People have had a really tough year and this is one little opportunity to let your hair down a bit and celebrate the season with the customers in the stores. “Some sensible tinsel and a few Santa hats is welcome. For the Christmas Grinch to come in and stamp on that is completely over the top.”

We are pleased to say Christmas is back on. We were happy to hear Premier Will Hodgman overturned this ban, which never should’ve happened in the first place.

Read a poem about the Christmas ban here.

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