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Transport Inspectors pre-Christmas win

CONGRATULATIONS to Transport Inspectors, who keep us safe on our roads, on their recent win. It was their willingness to take industrial action, if needed, which helped them receive the information they needed to make a huge career decision just before Christmas. 



  1. You either have to apply for a position outside of the Tasmanian State Service (in the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator) with no guarantees that you’ll get the position – this will also have a significant effect on your rights and entitlements including your Super. OR 2. You stay in State Growth not knowing what duties you’ll perform day-to-day will be, what your salary or hours will be or if there’ll be a role there for you at all.  

This was the situation facing your union Transport Inspector colleagues just weeks out from Christmas. 

Background: The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is taking over the some of roles and duties performed by Transport Inspectors in State Growth and respective roles across Australia. State Growth started transfer negotiations with NHVR in 2016 but until recently they hadn’t given Transport Inspectors with the information on positions that‘ll be retained in the department, which made it difficult for Inspectors to make an informed decision about their futures. 

How they won: They met, discussed their options, made a plan and voted to take action if the Agency didn’t provide the information by Thursday December 14. 

Because they stood together and were willing to take action, State Growth management finally gave Transport Inspectors the information they needed. Well done.

Transport Inspector Mark Kramer said Inspectors were in a holding pattern waiting for information. “It was a life changing decision to make and people had been in a holding pattern for several years but we were getting to the business end. Some Inspectors have quite a bit of career left in them.  Many had to stay in State Growth because they were in the old RBF scheme but they didn’t know what staying looked like.”

“Now we have the models, structure and timelines – the specifics of what we wanted to know. “From here on we need to keep talking to the union and for them to keep on field batting for us as positions are taken up.”

Transport Inspectors keep us safe on the roads. They:

•  Ensure public passenger vehicles are safe;
•  Escort oversize and over mass loads to ensure the safety of all road users;
•  Inspect light vehicles involved in serious and fatal crashes, prepare reports for the coroner; and provide evidence in court;
•  Work with Tasmania Police on joint road safety operations;
•  Plus plenty of other duties.



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