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Delegate Profile: Leonie Milkins

My job is:
Court Diversion Officer – Court Mandated Diversion (CMD), Community Corrections, Department of Justice.

My job helps the Tasmanian community by:
Supervising individuals subject to Drug Treatment Orders. A Court Diversion Officer’s role is to assesses the eligibility and suitability of offenders who have expressed an interest in partaking in the CMD Program, and to case manage participants subject to the Program. Our aim at CMD is to bring about positive change within the lives of individuals (and families) and decrease the risk of future offending. The CMD program directly contributes to community safety by addressing the underlying factors connected to drug-related crime. Program participants are treated for drug dependence within the community, and when they succeed in recovering from their addictions, a significant amount of funding is saved that would otherwise be spent on imprisonment.

I joined the union because:
I believe in treating people fairly within the workplace and promoting equality across the board. A healthy and happy work environment where people feel valued naturally leads to greater job satisfaction and efficiency. The Union strives towards promoting and achieving these things, and it takes a collective approach to defending the rights of “the little guy.” I believe Unions have a really powerful role to play within society, especially during times of adversity.

I became a CPSU Delegate because:
I want to be a friendly and impartial person for others to approach. I am driven by a strong moral code and sense of justice.

My biggest passion or hobby outside work is:
Anything that leads to happiness – family primarily, but I have a deep love of literature and art, and I enjoy being outside. My favourite thing is to spend time with my two-year-old daughter. She is kind-hearted and utterly hilarious; I can’t recall what life was like before she came along. I love exercising and walking my dog through the bush, especially when the weather is nice. During Winter I typically hibernate inside with a blanket, a good book, and my cat curled up by my side. I am passionate about taking care of the planet (recycling, ethical consumer choices, etc.), and I get kicks out of organising a good fundraiser event. I also love food and travelling abroad!

One thing I’d like to see change or happen in my community is:
People being rewarded or progressed based on merit, not based on who they know or because they are difficult to manage in their current position. I would like to see problems being addressed at the grassroots level – we live in such a reactive World.

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