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Public sector workers keeps Tasmania ticking 

Public sector workers kept our state running over Christmas and the New Year.

THANKS to all of you who kept our state running over the holidays. To  – 

• TMAG workers – for presenting our culture to visitors who flock to our state in summer.
• Port Arthur staff – for showing our heritage to the world during the peak tourist season.
• Transport Inspectors – for keeping us safe during this risky time on our roads.
• Pharmacy, Pathology, Admissions and staff in other health services – for helping sick and injured Tasmanians. 
• Parks and Wildlife workers – for protecting our state in high risk fire conditions.
• Child Safety Officers – for protecting children at an often tumultuous time for families; 
• Justice staff, from our Courts to Prisons – for turning lives around and keeping us safe, and
workers in many other services.

These are just a handful of ways you kept the state ticking and delivered services Tasmanians needed over the holidays. Thank you. 

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