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Relocation of 100 DPIPWE jobs

THIS WEEK Will Hodgman’s government announced that it plans to move 100 state public service jobs from DPIPWE. If re-elected, the Hodgman Government announced that 65 positions would move to Launceston and 35 to Devonport. It’s clearly a political manoeuvre.

Apparently there’ll be no forced relocations … Minister Jeremy Rockliff also made mention of “voluntary incentive programs”. We’d like to know more about these incentives and what jobs and services are flagged to move.

If Will Hodgman and Jeremy Rockliff were genuinely committed to our agriculture industry, they’d be investing in services like the EPA and Biosecurity Tasmania, rather than moving jobs around the state. The Hodgman government has cut jobs to regional areas during its term.

We also know about the cost and disruptions cause by such moves, after the current government’s decision to relocate Mineral Resources Tasmania from Rosny to Burnie.

Public Sector Union General Secretary Tom Lynch:

“… we don’t believe decisions around the location of public sector roles should be made by ministers in an election cycle” 

“Minister Rockliff could have gone any time over the past four years to his head of agency and said ‘I want you to review staff and [ensure] that people are as close to the people they serve as possible’,” he said. “To make an operational decision during an election cycle is clearly an attempt to ingratiate themselves to the voters of Bass and Braddon.’’

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