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Scrap the Cap: Hodgman’s position on wages clear

RELEASED on the eve of last week’s public holiday, Will Hodgman’s Revised Estimates Report reveals his position on your wages.

One sentence reads: “The Government is committed to ensuring negotiated wage outcomes are sustainable and affordable” but the next line contradicts it: “The wages policy limits wage outcomes to two per cent per annum”.  This means that under a Hodgman government, regardless of improvements in productivity or changes in conditions, wage increases will be capped at 2% until at least 2021. You can’t genuinely negotiate if Will Hodgman has a predetermined outcome.

Further down, the paper reads: “The Government’s established Wages Policy provides for the total cost of salary increases, allowances and any other employment conditions for all industrial agreements to be no greater than two per cent per annum”.

Meanwhile, in recent weeks, media reported that Opposition Leader Rebecca White would remove the Wages Cap and genuinely bargain with you (The Australian, January 15).

We need to Scrap the Cap so you have wages that cover the increasing cost of living, boost our economy and allow public sector workers to bargain in good faith. Clearly, none of this is important to Will Hodgman and his government, now and if re-elected.

Read the Revised Estimates Report  here.

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