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Caretaker Period

CARETAKER is the period between the dissolution of the current government and the appointment of a new government. During this period Executive government can’t be held accountable to the Parliament for its decisions so the practice is that normal business continues but decisions are not made that would inappropriately bind a future government or limit its freedom of action.

In effect this means that during caretaker ordinary matters of administration continue but governments refrain from making major policy decisions, making or renewing significant appointment or entering into major contracts or agreements.

In performing its functions the public sector is apolitical i.e. not favoring one political party or candidate over another. It’s particularly important that the community is confident the public sector is apolitical during the caretaker period. This doesn’t mean public sector workers can’t express personal political views or participate in the political process in the same way other Tasmanians can – it means the Public Sector must act impartially.

More details the 2018 State Election Caretaker provisions can be accessed here.

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