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Cascade handout from Liberals

This week Premier Will Hodgman said a $1 million grant from the Office of the Coordinator-General was going towards the Carlton & United Breweries owned Cascade expansion in Hobart. Why are the Liberals propping up private industry when they aren’t even giving any additional works for our Child Safety Service?

We all know CUBs record as an employer after the CUB 55 …

CUB sacked 55 workers at the Abbotsford brewery and then offered these workers their jobs back with a 65% pay cut. This dispute lasted 180 days before these workers won back their jobs. In 2015 the multinational owner of CUB posted a $4.4 billion profit last year, despite paying no tax in Australia!
Clearly they do not need a handout from Tasmanian tax payers when services they need, like Child Safety, Biosecurity and Parks & Wildlife, do not have enough staff and resources.

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