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CPSU Members running on March 3: Adam Gore

I am Adam Gore, your new Labor candidate for Bass. Service is a big part of my life, I have served as a member of the Australian Defence Force for nearly two decades. I am a father of two and my wife is a teacher.

Our Public Services have been underfunded and undermined. That is why I’m standing as part of Rebecca White’s Labor team at this election to undo the damage done by the Liberals.

When the Liberal Government handed down their first budget in 2014, and I realised how many Public Service jobs they were cutting, I was concerned. The damage that Liberal job cuts have caused to Tasmania is significant. Our fruit fly problem is a direct result of their short sighted cuts to our vitally important Bio-security Tasmania, and the direct financial harm it has caused our agricultural sector.

Our health system is in crisis, surgeons are walking out the door, but according to the Liberal Minister, everything is ok.

I know a lot needs to be done to undo the damage caused by the Liberal Government over the last four years. I believe that with your help I can be a part of a Majority Rebecca White Labor Government that can give the public service the resources they need to perform their work to the highest standard.

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