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CPSU Members running on March 3: Ella Haddad

As part of our ethos of members supporting members we recently called for all CPSU members standing for election, regardless of party, to provide us with a profile so we could share it with other members. 

Ella Haddad

Electorate: Denison

I am Ella Haddad, your new Labor candidate for Denison. I’m proud to work for the Tasmanian Public Sector. I work in the Department of Health and Human Services, in the Community Sector Relations Unit where I work on issues supporting Tasmanian community organisations, who provide services like counselling, disability services and treatment to some of the most in need Tasmanians. 


I have worked and volunteered in Tasmania’s health and community services sector for 17 years and have seen firsthand the damage that cuts to these services can do to individuals, families, and communities. I’m a young mum, with two school-age daughters. For six years I was a single mum, walking the tightrope of work, study, and parenting and struggling to make ends meet. I relied on people during that time more than I ever thought I would have to. I changed jobs. I could not afford my own house, so we moved four times and relied heavily on my mum for support. During that time, I learned a little can go a long way.


When I was younger, I worked long hours in retail and hospitality. I’ve always been a member of my union because I know it’s the best way to support and stand with my colleagues for better pay and conditions. I paid my own way through university, relying on penalty rates to get by. I’m standing for election because it’s getting harder for people to find permanent, steady work and affordable housing. I believe Tasmanians need safer workplaces and greater job security. We need to change the rules so people aren’t left behind or lose entitlements – that’s why I’m committed to scrapping the cap on our wage growth, so that our salaries can keep up with the cost of living.


Public Services have been underfunded and undermined.  I’m standing as part of Rebecca White’s strong Labor team because enough is enough. Our hospital system is at breaking point and only with greater investment can health care and community support services be reliable and affordable for Tasmanian families.

In my spare time, I like spending time with my family, cooking – often the Lebanese recipes of my grandmother, and bushwalking in Tasmania’s beautiful wilderness. It’s clear to see that current funding levels for parks and wildlife have not kept up with the rise in visitor numbers to our State – current funding is simply not enough to preserve and protect our unique nature and wildlife. 

I love the vibrancy of our communities in Denison. I am passionate about health and community services, easing the cost of living pressures including housing affordability and availability, along with secure and reliable jobs. I will work alongside Rebecca White and the Labor team to put people first.

If you like the sound of my campaign, here’s three ways you can get involved:

  1. Like my Facebook page
  2. Host a poster in your front yard by emailing
  3. Volunteer your time to doorknock or make phone calls with the team and by contacting

Mine is a true grass-roots campaign, reliant entirely on the generous support of volunteers getting the message out there that it’s time to return Labor to government. I hope to hear from you soon. 


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