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Delegate Profile: Mark Rippon

My job is: GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Manager at Sustainable Timber Tasmania

My job helps the Tasmanian community by: providing IT mapping infrastructure and applications to enable STT to sustainably manage the 800,000 Ha of publicly owned production forest on behalf of all Tasmanians.

I joined the union because: I believe in the power and support of collective bargaining.  I want a fairer and more equitable society that values all work, and supports those in the community who need a helping hand.

 My biggest passion or hobby outside work is: My family – I’m lucky enough to be married to a strong union woman, and have two creative sons.  I’m getting more politically active, and love sailing when I can.

One thing I’d like to change or see happen in my community is:  Marriage equality!  It’s not a religious issue, it’s not about prejudice or bigotry – it’s about equal rights for all citizens under the law – that’s what I love about being a union member, coz equality is our business! Oh, and Australia should be a republic as well 😉  I’d really like to see more engagement in the political process –  if you don’t like a party policy –  join the party and change it  from the inside!

Something unrelated to the other questions that I’d like to mention is: that broad beans are disgusting!  Just sayin’ …

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