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More support staff, Teachers under policy

THIS week Opposition Leader Rebecca White unveiled the Labor Education policy. A Tasmanian Labor government would commit to:

• 30 teacher assistants and administration staff
• 30 professional support staff such as speech pathologists and school psychologists
• 17 Pathway Planner staff to restart the program
• 30 child and family centre staff
• 89 new teachers and 40 early years teachers and a new school in Hobart, with updates to Sorell and Penguin schools.

We know that public sector workers in our education system keep our schools running, help students learn and develop and allow kids to be kids. We also know that our schools need more staff and resources to do this important work.

These additional administration staff would ensure the 19 positions in smaller regional schools under threat can be retained while new resources are put into schools with growing student numbers. Labor has also advised new the professional staff will include around 10 speech pathologists, 10 social workers and 10 psychologists.

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