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Australian Unions pushing for a better public services and jobs

Last week Australian Unions released its Jobs You Can Count On Strategy, with a big chunk dedicated to improving public services and the jobs that deliver them.

Many of these align with our Statement of Intent, which Members endorsed last week. The jobs you count on deliver the public services Tasmanians need. 

Find the Australian Unions public sector policy measures below.

a. Restoring government funding for key public services and the good jobs they support.

b. Reversing the cuts to public sector jobs and ending the privatisation of public services.

c. Ending the use of labour hire and outsourcing in all levels of government: workers should be employed directly by government and enjoy the same rights and entitlements as other government workers.

d. Ending insecure work in the public sector, in particular the illegitimate use of fixed-term contracts.

e. Ending the imposition of ‘wage caps’ and ‘wage freezes’, which in many cases have limited public sector workers to pay rises that do not keep up with the rising cost of living. The capping of public sector wages also has a chilling effect on wages in the private sector.

f. Ensuring that employers (whether public, non-profit or private) that provide government funded services ascribe to best-practice employment standards (including wages, adequacy and stability of hours and basic entitlements), so that jobs for workers providing these services are decent and secure.

g. Government support for social and community services, including early childhood education and care, the National Disability Insurance Scheme and aged care, must be adequate to ensure fair incomes and security of employment for workers providing these services, which reflects the values, skills and public importance of these jobs.

h. Expansion in the size of the public sector through Government employing more people directly, particularly in regional areas as part of a strategy of inclusive growth to push the Australian economy to full employment.

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