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Have A Heart: stop outsourcing vulnerable children to third party providers

Last week we again saw what happens if public services are sold off to third parties – it’s Tasmanians who suffer. 

Child Safety Service workers, including Out of Home Care staff work hard to protect Tasmanian children but there simply aren’t enough of them.

On Thursday last week, the ABC reported allegations about third party for-profit provider Total Support Services about the treatment of children in its care.  

CPSU’s Tom Lynch: “You can’t make a profit out of providing care to vulnerable children — that’s the message they need to get”. “That’s a core service that needs to be delivered by public sector workers to those vulnerable children, not outsourced, not pushed out of the reach of the Minister or the accountability of a minister.”

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time we’ve heard reports about a third party mistreating children in our state.

We need to stop outsourcing our most vulnerable children to third parties who operate for profit or their own agendas. Public Services, like Out of Home Care, is there solely to serve the public, not shareholders, business owners or profit margins.

Minister Roger Jaensch and Premier Will Hodgman – Have A Heart. 

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